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Our approach to Safety and Health

The Tokyo Electron Group performs a range of business activities including development, manufacturing, transportation, installation, and maintenance with the highest priority on the safety and health of all personnel from top management to frontline staff and makes proactive and continuous improvements to enhance safety and promote good health.

Safety Policy

  • Safety First
    Based on the principle of "safety first," we strive to create safer products and work to maintain and improve the safety of all people involved with our products and healthy workplace environments.
  • Pursuit of Safe Technologies
    With an awareness of the factors that impair safety and health in our various business activities, we continuously strive to create safer and more secure workplaces by making improvements concerning those factors and through intrinsically-safe equipment designs and superior service capabilities.
  • Management and Employees Responsibility
    All employees maintain an awareness of potential problems and of the need for improvement concerning the maintenance and enhancement of safety and health at all workplaces, and management and employees act in accordance with their respective responsibilities.
  • Legal Compliance
    We comply with safety and health laws and regulations and international rules, take into consideration industry guidelines, and strive to promote safety and health.
  • Collaboration and Cooperation with Society
    Based on common understanding with a broad range of stakeholders, we cooperate and collaborate with society and work to appropriately meet their expectations.




Increasing the safety awareness of individual workers is crucial for providing worksites where everyone can work safely. To fully support our “Safety First” culture, TEL has established the equipment safety promotion meeting and the work safety promotion meeting under the supervision of the EHS council. The equipment safety promotion meeting revises TEL’s design rules based on international laws and local regulations for equipment safety. It also determines TEL’s compliance with new regulations and administers corrective measures. The work safety promotion meeting investigates work safety issues at customer sites and TEL Group locations and implements appropriate remedies. These meetings also examine incidents involving personal injury or property damage, determine whether the incidents were caused by equipment trouble or other work-related factors, and take measures to ensure similar incidents do not occur in the future.


Our approach to Quality

TEL seeks to provide the highest quality products and services.  This pursuit of quality begins at development and continues through all manufacturing, installation, maintenance, sales, and support processes.  Every TEL employee must work to deliver quality products, quality services, and innovative solutions that enable customer success.

Quality Policy

  • Quality Focus
    Focusing on quality to satisfy customers, meet production schedules, and reduce required maintenance even with temporary cost increases.
  • Quality Design and Assurance
    Building quality into products and assure in-process quality control, from the design and development phase throughout every process.
  • Quality and Trust
    When a quality-related problem occurs, working as a team to perform thorough root cause analysis and resolve problems as quickly as possible.
  • Continual Improvement
    Ensuring customer satisfaction and trust by establishing quality goals and performance indicators and by implementing continual improvement using the PDCA cycle.
  • Stakeholder Communication
    Listening to stakeholder expectations, providing timely product quality information, and making adjustments as needed.




TEL has a quality assurance framework headed by the Representative Director and President. Quality improvement, as well as other important quality issues and other shared concerns, are addressed through collaboration amongst TEL presidents and the Quality General Managers (GMs). To ensure efficient and stable quality control, TEL has five working groups in place, including the Quality council, Engineering council, Production council, Purchasing council, and EHS council. These working groups collaborate to pursue organization-wide quality assurance activities across all divisions.   

To constantly maintain high quality standards, TEL has also been working since 1997 to acquire ISO 9001 quality management system certification at various sites. Ten sites (primarily manufacturing operations) have achieved this certification to date.   

Thanks in part to our efforts under this framework, there were no legal or regulatory violations of TEL’s products and services in fiscal year 2016.


Our approach to Procurement

The high-value manufacturing that the Tokyo Electron Group strives for is based on the functions of all materials and components that make up the products and the pursuit of high quality. We value communications with suppliers and seek to grow manufacturing on a global scale with our suppliers based on ongoing trusting relationships.

Procurement Policy

  • Compliance with Applicable Laws, Social Norms, and the EICC Code of Conduct*
    We engage in procurement activities based on business ethics and with integrity, in compliance with the laws, regulations, and social norms of each country as well as the EICC Code of Conduct.
    * The EICC Code of Conduct
    A code of conduct drawn up by the EICC, a coalition of electronics companies. The EICC Code of Conduct establishes standards to ensure that working conditions in the electronics industry supply chain are safe, that workers are treated with respect and dignity, and that business operations are environmentally responsible and conducted ethically.
  • Priority on the Environment
    We conduct procurement with full consideration for reduction of environmental impact and protection of the global environment.
  • Fair Business Practices
    We continuously seek high-value technologies and create broad opportunities for their business transactions based on the precondition of open competition.
  • Partnership
    We prioritize relationships of trust based on mutual understanding with suppliers and conduct activities in the pursuit of mutual continuous growth.
  • Information Management
    We properly manage the confidential information of suppliers that we obtain in the course of business

Procurement Policy - Supplement: Requests to Our Suppliers

The Tokyo Electron Group aims for sound and sustainable growth together with suppliers to contribute to the development of society. We will strive to achieve this, with the cooperation of our suppliers. We therefore request your active efforts in the following matters.


1. Compliance with Applicable Laws, Social Norms, and the EICC Code of Conduct
In addition to complying with the following matters, we ask our suppliers to observe the applicable laws and social norms in the countries and regions where they engage in business, as well as the EICC Code of Conduct. ·Compliance with prohibition of child labor, and forced labor, and with other labor-related laws and regulations ·Respect for fundamental human rights, beginning with the prohibition of discrimination ·Protection of intellectual property rights ·Compliance with export/import-related laws and regulations ·Prohibition of involvement with antisocial forces

[Conflict minerals]
We see our efforts with regard to conflict minerals as part of our corporate social responsibility, and promote all efforts to eliminate any use of raw materials that utilize conflict minerals which have been mined or extracted with illicit funds or by illegal methods, as well as components or parts that contain such conflict minerals. To this end, we are conducting due diligence surveys of our supply chain, using the Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT) and referring to the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas. We request that all suppliers work with us in dealing with conflict minerals.

2. Working Conditions
We request that suppliers respect fundamental human rights, also prepare independent standards, and provide safe and healthy work environments.

3. Environmental Activities
In accordance with "Tokyo Electron Green Procurement Guidelines", we request that, together with the acquisition of ISO 14001 and the development of a structure for environmental conservation, suppliers also actively engage in environmental conservation activities and strive to use parts and materials, and methods of production, that have a reduced environmental impact and that consider resources conservation.

4. Management System
We request that management systems are developed and continuously improved, including systems related to safety, health, the environment, product quality and labor, in accordance with the corporate procurement agreement or any specific agreements or arrangements with the Tokyo Electron Group.

5. Technical Skills
We request that, in order to provide products and services that conform to customers' needs, suppliers always strive for improved technical skills and technological innovations.

6. Quality
We request that suppliers provide high quality products and services which meet the specifications required by the Tokyo Electron Group, by means of building quality during the design phase, and strengthening change control.

7. Supply, and Provide Systems
We request that suppliers provide a stable and flexible supply of products and services to deal with huge volatility in demand. Also, we request that suppliers prepare precautionary steps and continuity plans to reduce risks in the event of unforeseen situation such as disaster.

8. Price
We request that products and services are offered at competitive prices, and that continuous effort is made to reduce costs.

9. Business Management
For the continuation of our business transactions, we ask that sound and stable business management be implemented. We also request that the financial and company information needed to confirm those matters is disclosed.

10. Information Security
We request that a system be provided which prevents the leaking of confidential information and that any information acquired in dealings with the Tokyo Electron Group is strictly controlled.




To maintain a robust supply chain capable of supporting streamlined product manufacturing, TEL has instituted a procurement policy and established a system for administering fair procurement practices based on mutual trust with suppliers. Under the TEL Representative Director and President as the top of the procurement system, the manufacturing companies presidents’ council and the purchasing department manager council are convened to share information on various procurement issues. The council also serves as a venue to address current problems and discuss approaches to improve partnership with suppliers.


Our approach to Personnel

Business growth requires that each employee, as the core of the company, have creativity, a positive attitude, flexibility, enthusiasm, and a sense of responsibility. The Tokyo Electron Group seeks to be a corporation where a diverse range of employees can work to their full potential.

Personnel Policy

  • Respect for Human Rights
    We respect the character and individuality of each person and strive to create work environments without any infringement of human rights.
  • Diverse Workforce
    We strive to respect and understand differences in values arising from gender, nationality, age, race, creed, religion, and other attributes and to be a corporation where a diverse range of employees can work to their full potential.
  • Human Resource Development
    We believe that each employee is the source of value creation and support the development of skills by employees.
  • Employee Assessment and Treatment
    We provide opportunities to those employees with the enthusiasm for personal growth and engage in fair evaluation of skills and employee treatment so that employees with significant results can be rewarded.
  • Occupational Safety and Health
    We place the highest priority on ensuring the safety and health of employees and maintain environments such that employees can work safely at our workplaces and local residents feel a sense of reassurance.
  • Work-Life Balance
    We implement measures to enable employees to achieve a good work-life balance.




TEL maximizes its corporate value by maintaining an open and dynamic organization that enables all employees to apply their abilities to the fullest extent. TEL is also optimally structured to be flexible and respond quickly to any changes in the operating environment.

The HR (human resources) departments at the head office and in the various TEL companies work closely together on personnel issues, convening the Japan HR leaders meeting1 every month and Global HR leaders meeting2 twice a year. These meetings serve as the forum for sharing corporate missions, seing goals, communicating activities, and discussing key issues. Under this management framework, our HR departments identify risks from an organization-wide perspective and make sure appropriate measures are implemented throughout TEL.

1 Japan HR leaders meeting: A meeting comprising the heads and principal managers of HR departments at Japanese Group companies

2 Global HR leaders meeting: A meeting comprising the heads and principal managers of HR departments at worldwide Group companies


Our approach to the Environment

The TEL Group aims to solve environmental issues through our leading-edge technology and services under slogan of "Technology for Eco Life." We strive to contribute to the establishment of a sustainable society by reducing the Group's impact on the consumption of resources, on biodiversity and on climate change by taking actions that both directly and indirectly contribute to the protection and conservation of the environment.

Environment Policy

  • Environmental Goals and Continuous Improvement
    We establish environmental goals and continual improvement of the environmental management system to enhance environmental performance throughout our product lifecycle.
  • Compliance with Applicable Laws
    We continually enhance our knowledge of environmental issues to not only comply with applicable laws, but also set additional voluntary standards.
  • Environmental Contribution with Product
    We develop environmentally complimentary products through our leading-edge technology. TEL Group cooperates with our customers and suppliers to strive for the prevention and improvement of environmental impacts to contribute to a sustainable society.
  • Operational Environmental Impact Reduction and Preservation
    We quantitatively analyze and reduce the environmental impact of TEL global operations, with activity from all levels of employees and operations to prevent pollution and protect the environment.
  • Collaboration and Cooperation with Stakeholders and Society
    We actively promote collaboration and cooperation with all our stakeholders to achieve mutual understanding and conformance to expectations.
  • Revision:July 1, 2016




TEL promotes environmental activities across TEL through its corporate Q-EHS PROMOTION CENTER. TEL executives appoint members to the product environment compliance meeting, and the operation environment value meeting, all of which carry out activities to achieve our environmental goals. The EHS council convenes twice a year to assess progress toward our environmental goals and encourage continued improvement.

We have operated environmental management systems based on ISO 14001 since 1997, especially at its manufacturing subsidiaries. In 2016, we acquired multi-site ISO 14001 certification for our factories and offices in Japan that had previously acquired certification separately. Also, along with adhering to the 2015 revisions, we identified overall internal and external issues and stakeholder needs and expectations in relation to the environment. We set the following as our risks and opportunities to address: (1) environmental management by reducing the environmental impact of our business activities, (2) compliance with applicable laws, and (3) enhancing product competitiveness with the environmental contribution of products. During fiscal 2017, we established approximately 100 environmental goals across the entire Group and carried out these improvement activities. We plan to expand this setup to each of our sites in Asia.

Through these efforts we continue to assess our compliance with environmental laws, emission standards, and other voluntary standards. TEL has not been involved in any environmental incidents or accidents. We have not been in violation of any environmental laws or subject to any associated legal proceedings in fiscal year 2016.


ISO14001 Certified plants and offices

Company Name Plant/Office name,(Location) Certification date
Tokyo Electron Ltd. Q-EHS Promotion Center
(Fuchu Technology Center)
May. 1998
Tokyo Electron Technology Solutions Ltd. Tohoku Plant
Tokyo Electron Kyushu Ltd. Koshi/Ozu Plants
Tokyo Electron Technology Solutions Ltd. Yamanashi Plant(Fujii/Hosaka)
Tokyo Electron Miyagi Ltd. Taiwa Plant
Tokyo Electron (Kunshan) Limited China Mar. 2013
TEL FSI, Inc. U.S.A. Mar. 2013
Tokyo Electron Korea Limited(Balan Factory) Korea Jul. 2014
Management of chemical substances contained in products
Green procurement

Our approach to Social Contribution

TEL conducts social contribution activities around the world. Through various initiatives, we strive to build solid, trustworthy relationships with community members to help develop local communities and resolve social issues at the global level. In this, we will develop a rich, dream-inspiring society and enhance our corporate value.

Social Contribution Policy

  • In line with our Corporate Philosophy, we set Innovation and Technology, Education, Environment and Community Involvement as the focus areas of our social contribution activities, and choose specific initiatives that best meet the requirements of each locality
  • Keeping an eye on the direction of our medium- to long-term management strategy, we operate our business in a manner that contributes to the mitigation of future risks, industry-wide sustainability challenges, and factory problems that affect the global society.
  • We review the suitability of the initiatives every year, weighing such factors as their social impact, budget, and long-term contribution to business operations.



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