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Tohoku University's Tohoku Forum for Creativity

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The Tohoku Forum for Creativity (TFC) is a program that brings Nobel laureates and other world-leading professors together with young researchers and students to carry out advanced research for solving universal social issues. Since the inauguration of the TFC, TEL has provided comprehensive support for this project, which embodies our aspirations to nurture the next generation of leaders. It also plays an important role in assisting in the promotion and revitalization of the Tohoku region, where our manufacturing base is located.
[Related link: http://www.tfc.tohoku.ac.jp/ (External site)
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The forest of Tokyo Electron

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TEL is engaging in local tree-planting and afforestation activities with its employees and their families. The activities aim to pass on beautiful nature to future generations, and to leave a better global environment. In Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture, we have planted 3,000 trees and maintained the forest through weeding over the last seven years. Meanwhile, a TEL Group company in Oshu City, Iwate Prefecture has been planting trees in nearby sites. In 2016, about 700 oak seedlings and five memorial cherry trees were planted. Two hundred and seventy employees and family members participated in the event, providing an opportunity for workers and their families to deepen their friendships with each other.
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Science class

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To provide elementary school children with an opportunity to know the fun of science, we held an event titled "Fun Topics of Science" consisting of a science show and classes with demonstrative experiments. A lot of children and their families visited the science show featuring various experiments, such as experiencing the power of air by demonstrating an air cannon. In classes held on the curious characteristics of low temperatures and other science-related subjects, elementary school children watched experiments enthusiastically.
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Science Intercollegiate

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Tokyo Electron is a special sponsor of the Science Intercollegiate (sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology), an event where students studying the field of natural science announce the results of their research and compete with one another. It represents the advance of Japan’s science and technology and provides skills necessary for sustainable development, fostering the learning of next-generation engineers. Tokyo Electron endorses this event as a place necessary for students to enjoy friendly rivalry as well as for promoting incentives for future research activities, and we support the students' independent research activities.
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Robot Contest Festival for Technical College

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Tokyo Electron FE is supporting the Robot Contest Festival for technical college students. The goal of "Robo-Con" is to allow students to have fun creating something out of their own unique ideas. The students are given a different theme each year, and they get a chance to compete with their original robots. Fifty-seven different technical colleges in Japan participate in this event. This is the 29th year for the festival.
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Supporting "TOBITATE! Young Ambassador Program"

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"TOBITATE! Young Ambassador Program" is a project by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), Japan, and the private sector to encourage studying abroad in order to nurture future talents who can work on the global stage. This national project, which started in 2013, plans to send about 10,000 high-school and university students to study abroad in the seven years until 2020. TEL views the long-term nurturing of people as the source of growth for enterprises and society, and has therefore been supporting this project since its commencement so that eager youths can grow into people fit for the global stage.
TEL will continue to contribute to the nurturing of talents who can work on the global stage by supporting worldwide experiences for students.
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Matching Gift [Table for Two]

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Since 2012, when the salad bar in Akasaka cafeteria solaé was opened, we have made donations for NPO TABLE FOR TWO International. For each bowl of salad consumed at the salad bar, participants donate 10 yen to the NPO TABLE FOR TWO International. TEL matches each 10 yen donation, and this 20 yen provides one school meal for a child in a developing country. This program has the dual benefit of maintaining the health of our employees, who eat lots of healthy, fresh vegetables, and helping children in developing countries through sharing dining tables across space and time. Since 2014 salad bar was opened, it has been possible to provide a total of about 37,000 children‘s school meals.
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"Heartful project" in Queen's Long Distance Relay

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Tokyo Electron is the special sponsor of Queen's Long Distance Relay in Miyagi, which is a race to decide the top girls' team for the long distance relay from Japanese business group. This is the 36th year of the race, which was originally held in Gifu prefecture and it was moved to Sendai, Miyagi in 2011.

We have decided to support this event since the runners may encourage the people in Tohoku area who are trying to recover from the tragedy they had to face since the Great East Japan Earthquake. Now the event has become very popular, and it seems to be known as the event of Miyagi  in winter. TEL also supported "Heartful project" held along with the Queen’s Long Distance Relay. The project helps the supporters of the race who are cheering along the route. The employees of TEL group are volunteering to distribute goods on the route. Also, the volunteer runners hold a clinic to teach children how to run.

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solaé art gallery (a project for supporting young artists)

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Under the "solaé art gallery project," TEL headquarters cafeteria "solaé" exhibits young emerging artists with a venue to show their work free of charge. Every three months, a new artist working on themes closely related to TEL's business, such as "technology" and "global," is invited to show his or her work.

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Disaster relief efforts

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Kumamoto Earthquake relief efforts
TEL actively provided a wide range of support to those affected by the April 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake to help bring stability to their lives and restore their communities as soon as possible.

Relief supplies and livelihood support
Amid the tremendous damage to the transportation infrastructure, TEL made full use of its trucks and warehouses to swiftly deliver daily necessities, water, food and other goods from across the country. At the affected areas, we offered our recreational facilities as support bases and evacuation centers and provided assistance activities to employees and local communities.

A total of 100 million yen in donations was presented to Kumamoto Prefecture.

Matching donations
To support efforts aimed at matching funds for reconstruction, TEL matched donations collected from employees around the world. The donations were distributed to affected employees, and emergency supplies were donated to surrounding municipalities.

Charity concert
A charity concert was held with the hope of using music to raise the spirits of those affected by the disaster. Employees and volunteer staff worked to transform two gymnasiums of local junior high schools into concert halls. For two days, the concert was enjoyed by 1,600 students, local residents, and employees and their families.
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